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There's Good News and Bad News
31 October, 2005

The good news is that my spouse fits the role of Lorelai quite well.

The bad news is that I fit the role of Luke ever so much better.


Or You Could Choose a New Tool
31 October, 2005

In the Project Aardvark Functional Specification, Joel says

Web pages will be standards-compliant to the extent allowed by ASP.NET

“to the extent allowed by ASP.NET”?!? Sheesh. The Evil Empire is even worst than I thought.

And there was Much Rejoicing…
31 October, 2005

Civ IV for the Mac

It Seemed like a Good Idea at the Time
31 October, 2005

On my drive in to work, there is an advertisement in an empty lot. It consists of three life-size cardboard cut-outs of people. It certainly catches the eye as it looks like there people are standing out in the lot. The advertisement part is a few words on the T-shirts of these cut-outs.

On the T-shirts.

I can often not decipher the writing on T-shirts when I am standing behind them in a line. But how in Jehosophat's name do the advertisers expect me to read it when zipping by at 40 MPH?!?

As if there was any doubt
28 October, 2005

You scored as Thor.

You Go, Girl
27 October, 2005

If Mark Martin can endorse Viagra, what is wrong with friends of Dorothy endorsing products?

I'm of Two Minds. No, I'm not. Yes, I am.
26 October, 2005

Halloween is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I'm fully in favor of bite-sized candy and anything that irks the Tight-Lipped Religious Fanatics. On the other hand, I've already had far too much of being scared, startled, and surprised.

I intellectually understand how some people enjoy being scared, startled, or surprised. But I personally don't. As the Incident in the Fun House showed, others don't enjoy me being startled either. I have always heard stories about how my grandma awakens my grandpa by standing in the doorway and calling his name because if touched while sleeping he wakes up swinging. I'm ashamed to say that I'd always attributed it to a quirk; I know realize that it's a symptom of his childhood.

As I drive around I see many “haunted houses” being erected. There are a lot of things that others enjoy and I don't that I can be happy for them enjoying. But to me going through one of these would be tantamount to torture.

Unorthodoxy, Thy Name is Me
25 October, 2005

You scored 77 Wisdom, 50 Tactics, 58 Guts, and 43 Ruthlessness!
Leader of the Gauls, a chieftain of the Arverni. He was the leader of the great revolt against the Romans in 52 BC. Julius Caesar, upon hearing of the trouble, rushed to put it down. Vercingetorix was, however, an able leader and adopted the policy of retreating to heavy, natural fortifications and burning the Gallic towns to keep the Roman soldiers from living off the land. Caesar and his chief lieutenant Labienus lost in minor engagements, but when Vercingetorix shut himself up in Alesia and summoned all his Gallic allies to attack the besieging Romans, the true brilliance of Caesar appeared. He defeated the Gallic relieving force and took the fortress. Vercingetorix was captured and, after gracing Caesar's triumphal return to Rome, was put to death.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 91% on Unorthodox
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It's all in Fun until Someone Takes a Knee Strike
25 October, 2005

This weekend involved some good-natured wrassling with the monkeys, what they affectionately call a “tickle fight”. (It replaced the traditional pillow fight because my youngest can tickle better than whack with a pillow.) I have no idea who threw it but at some point in the festivities someone dropped a pretty good, yet inadvertent, knee strike on my nose. At the time I was a little concerned that I had broken it again. But it appears that the only damage is some bruising and a persistent petroleum smell. This one comes nowhere near The Shiner of 2000.

Who Knew?
20 October, 2005

In this month's Macworld the editor discussed the iPod nano. He mentioned that the price per gigabyte on the iPod nano was higher than for the iPod but that it should not be a problem since most people do not have more than 4 gigabytes of music.

(raises hand slowly)

Who knew I was a music guy?