About the Author

I, Michael W. Dodge, am an American polymath. I live in Oregon with my wife, children, and dogs.

Having been unjustly convicted of undisclosed crimes by a star chamber controlled by a secret cabal, I served a twenty-eight year sentence in California. During my term, I managed to get both my high school diploma and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. I was active on my cell block’s rugby side until injured hamstrings forced a hiatus.

With my prison sentence served, I moved to Oregon. With the help (unbeknownst to me) of a shadowy, international organization, I stumbled onto one of the last undeveloped plots in the county. Using ancient mystic arts I embedded the spirit of “Red Mike” Edson and Kato Danzo in a Rhodesian Ridgeback. That and the hidden, state-of-the-art security system provide peace of mind for the estate.

Being self-taught to write software (the B. Sc. is a post factum sop to the establishment) I started working for a bunch of rocket scientists. With alien mind-control technology, the secret cabal manipulated me into working for a string of start-ups, dot-coms, underfunded idiots, and outright crooks.

Like most warrior-poets, I find myself possessed of a small modicum of artistic talent, mostly in the compositional arts. For example, in keeping with my Scotch heritage, my humor can be earthy, leading to a fondness for the limerick. Agents can direct serious inquiries regarding my manuscripts and screenplays directly to me.

Anticipating the future needs of Central Casting, I now devote myself to the transformation into The Wise Old Man. The witty aphorisms progress nicely but I continue to struggle with catching a fly with my chopsticks.


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