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Boogie Nights
31 March, 2013

I often use the generalization that I can not dance. It is a generalization because it may not be strictly true depending on how one defines dancing. It is definitely true if one defines dancing in the freeform style that accompanies North American, popular music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It is probably false if one defines dancing to include the haka. I would go so far as to say that I can only dance with words. If you have read much of this blog, you will probably have formed strong opinions about that dancing.

I first remember hearing the idea that martial arts are a form of dance in The Last Dragon. I can not dispute that some martial arts are a form of dance, especially in the face of capoeria. But, unless one defines dance in terms so broad as to be useless, not all martial arts are dance. In particular, none of the martial arts that I find interesting are a form of dance.

Despite my artistic nature, I see no reason to dance. This is not to say that I see no reason for anyone to dance. One of our friends is a dance teacher and that is a fine thing to be. Her husband’s sister is a professional dancer and that is also a fine thing to be. But for me, personally, there is no reason to dance.

More generally, I see no reason to embarrass myself and dancing is a strict subset of embarrassing myself. It turns out that I am quite accomplished at embarrassing myself without dancing. If you have read much of this blog, you will already know that.