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Missed It by That Much
28 August, 2009

An IBM commercial claims “by 2010 thirty percent of the data stored on the world’s computers will be medical images”. That number seems a little high to me. Assuming it is true, that means that sixty-nine percent will be pr0n.


Lady Ruggers
22 August, 2009

Last Wednesday I enjoyed watching the first half of the ladies’ collegiate rugby championship. (No spoilers, please.) While the ladies appeared skilled and tough like the gents, I did notice three differences:

1. There was less variation in size amongst the ladies. The height and weight differences between the forwards and backs were much smaller.

B. Perhaps as a result of the previous, the game was much less chippy. In the gentlemen’s game, one expects to see the forwards giving each other the business.

III. In the gentlemen’s game I have never seen a Number 8 cry for being sent to the sin bin.

Kids Say the Darndest Things
22 August, 2009

Whilst tucking in the kids some time back my eldest, who can be quite chatty, kept on and on. I was quite tired and feeling unwell and wanted to be done soon. Finally I instituted a limit of ten more words. My eldest paused for a moment and then asked “Can boys have sex with other boys?”

So much for being done soon.