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29 April, 2012

Thanks to a friend who loaned me his copy on DVD, I finally saw Inception. I have previously written about how much I liked Batman Begins and how much I disliked The Dark Knight so I started the film with some reservations. Much to my surprise, I ended up really liking Inception.

However, one thing quite bothered me: the Sopranos-style evasion of an ending. Perhaps when I was at university I found such “is it or isn’t it?” positions appealing. I vaguely recall late nights spent discussing such things with passion. But it seems like a cheap trick. Since stories have endings, to some refusing to have an ending seems cleverly deconstructive. Rather, it implies the storyteller has run out of ideas, which is a shame since Nolan obviously has plenty of interesting ideas.


Not Funny
23 April, 2012

Today one of my coworkers said, “It’s not funny.” Another coworker has previously said the same thing. I feel somewhat bad if they think that I am invalidating their concerns. But I try very hard to maintain a positive attitude and keep things in perspective. So maybe in a way I am invalidating their concerns because, compared to other things I have seen, our concerns do seem insignificant.