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Rethink This, AT&T
10 February, 2011

Today we picked up our brand-new, Verizon iPhones. Our OG iPhones were slaved, of course, to AT&T and thus suffered horrible audio quality and most calls being dropped. That’s right: most calls. We experienced well over 50% of calls being dropped. From whence comes our deep and abiding antipathy toward AT&T.

We are ecstatic to have switched to Verizon: outstanding audio quality, no dropped calls, and not a single penny going to AT&T.


It Can Happen
6 February, 2011

In the fifth grade I proudly reported that my great-grandmother traveled in a covered wagon. As I got older, I realized her birth in 1890 was about half a century late for the westward immigration implied. So for years I thought I had embarrassed myself by reporting an inaccuracy. While researching my genealogy I discovered that my great-grandmother had taken a noteworthy trip in a covered wagon circa 1895, albeit eastward to visit her grandmother.

So it turns out I was right. Yay for me!

5 February, 2011

This morning while watching Joel McHale heckle Mega Python vs. Gatoroid my spouse commented on the silly spelling of theĀ the channel formerly known as the Sci-Fi Channel. Later whilst we were watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory Leonard makes the same comment.

Coincidence? I think not. It’s obvious they’ve been spying on us again. From the future. And then going back in time. Oh, it would all make sense if Christopher Nolan filmed it.