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Sherlock Holmes
27 December, 2009

Sherlock Holmes is Guy Ritchie‘s take on the classic story. Think Iron Man meets The Illusionist, more the latter than the former despite the trailers.

Robert Downey, Jr. brought a soused joie de vivre to the eponymous detective. Jude Law created a fresh, yet entirely fitting, take on the character. Kelly Reilly delivered an engaging humanity as Watson’s love interest. Rachel McAdams seemed to disappear in her scenes. I never bought her performance as the one woman that could outwit Holmes; I would have liked to see how Moira Kelly approached the role. The visuals of Ritchie and Philippe Rousselot reminded me of Snatch. The movie felt a bit long but James Herbert had a lot of plot to include.

If you enjoyed Iron Man and The Illusionist, you will probably enjoy this film. It might be a little too intense for the under-eight crowd, though.


Holiday Humor
27 December, 2009

Yesterday we came home to find one of the garbage cans had a dent in its vinyl side. I quipped, “The garbage man was mad a-boat working on Boxing Day.”

Get it? The day after Christmas is a holiday in Canada?

Maybe you had to be there.