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Option Number Two
16 April, 2008

The local IKEA store (which I visited for the first time today) has special handles on the toilets that support two different amounts of water use depending on the type of, er, “waste” of which you need to dispose. I know this from the placard affixed to the wall above it describing this water-saving functionality. With an admirable sense of playfulness, the option for liquid wastes is #1 and the option for solid wastes is #2.


Nim’s Island
5 April, 2008

Nim’s Island is the film adaptation of the Wendy Orr and Kerry Millard book of the same name. Obviously targeted squarely at single-digit-age viewers, it is crippled by pacing problems and fails to capture the attention.

Nim’s Island appealed under both the Anything-with-Jodie-Foster rule and the Anything-with-a-Scot rule. Stuart Dryburgh‘s cinematography is excellent, capturing the vibrant colors of the South Pacific. Gerry Butler and Jodie Foster bring some serious acting chops to the film. Sadly, despite being a media darling, Abigail Breslin is unbelievable throughout the entire film. (One thing that always take me out of the film is when an actor cast for the part of a runner obviously hasn’t done much running.) Breslin’s struggles in the title role would have prevented the film from flying anyway, but Jennifer Flackett‘s and Mark Levin‘s direction smothers any hope of that. Perhaps they were afraid of confusing the five-year-olds, but it feels like every scene takes twice as long as it needs, making the film about forty-five minutes too long.

Other kids than mine (whom I suspect have a bit more adult sense of humor) seemed to laugh quite a bit. So perhaps it’s a good choice for young children with parents who need a nap. Alas, for me even flying lizards, a Scottish brogue, and Jodie in a wet camisole can’t save the film.