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Lies, Damn Lies, and Politics
15 September, 2008

I read Alex Epstein‘s blog for months because it was about screenwriting, specifically screenwriting as a profession. Lately there had been more entries about politics than screenwriting. As politeness is part of professionalism, the blog experienced a noticeable decrease in value for me.

My mother taught me that three things ought not be brought up in polite company: religion, finances, and politics. The reason is because all three are personal, inflammatory, and essentially unalterable. Most people consider their beliefs and actions on those topics to reflect on who they are. Most people also believe strongly that their views are the (only) correct ones and defend them vociferously. Most importantly, though, almost no one can be argued into changing their views on any of those three topics.

Epstein defends the recent shift to discussing politics by saying, “The ancient Greeks, who invented democracy, would have been appalled if someone had said he ‘wasn’t interested in politics.'” The ancient Greeks also espoused the inappropriate touching of young boys. So perhaps imitation of the ancient Greeks is not the universal answer. Since Grecian democracy differed from American democracy, I doubt that their views can be accurately projected onto the modern landscape.

Epstein goes on to say, “Only an excruciatingly selfish man would separate himself from politics.” I counter that only an excruciatingly selfish person would insist on discussing their politics in an inappropriate forum. In my experience the zealots (from both the left and the right) so strongly believe in their rightness that they fail to see their self-righteousness. Giving the impression that one deigns to instruct one’s lessers in the errors of their ways is an ineffective method of persuasion. Since the soapbox orators are unwilling to change their opinions, why do they think anyone else would be any more willing?

Like many, Epstein discusses his politics in public. I, however, do not and no longer read his blog. I prefer polite company.


20 October, 2007

I’ve done more fiddling with the theme. I like this new theme because it uses a serif font. I can’t change the header image right away: WordPress doesn’t support image uploading through Safari. Hopefully this is both localized and not indicative of WordPress in general. This particular entry was composed in MarsEdit. The WordPress composition page is pretty pro but I’m willing to give MarsEdit a try if it’s good enough for Gruber.

Press the Words
19 October, 2007

After my abortive beta of using Panic’s Coda to replace my iWeb blog, I’m trying WordPress instead. To kick things off I’ve imported my LiveJournal entries, all four hundred-odd of them. As far as I can tell, the iWeb entries require manual importing, which makes their appearance here unlikely.

I’ve just created this blog a few minutes ago, so everything is still the defaults. As I fiddle with things, stuff like themes and the ability to comment may appear or disappear.