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You Can’t Handle the Truth
26 May, 2014

The concept of loving yourself is like a Möbius strip to me. I understand how the trick works but it is still just a trick. It is an artificial construct that has value in considering certain properties of reality. But it does not arise spontaneously.

I see the benefit to a person being their own biggest fan. I also see the benefit to a person believing that they can fly but there are also certain costs associated with that belief. Given that people are nowhere near that big of a fan of me, and spend quite a bit of time telling me what I am doing wrong, it seems the height of arrogance to discount everyone else’s assessments.

I can get into a place where I bear more than a passing resemblance to the Col. Jessup character. I think that is in large part due to spending decades feeling like I was alone in hostile territory. When the stakes are high, you simply can not afford to take your performance lightly. Anything less than perfection can result in death.

I am not perfect. I never have been and never will be. All that I can do is continue to work on getting better.