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TRON: Legacy
26 December, 2010

TRON: Legacy does an admirable job of continuing the spirit of the original TRON. While it resonates with the nostalgia I felt for the original, this film may not work as well for those without it.

Jeff Bridges reprises his role in both his current age as well as digitally rejuvenated to 1982. The digital rejuvenation was seamless in the beginning of the film but I felt it fell down in the ending. Garrett Hedlund played the lead but I found his performance lacking in a Hayden Christensen kind of way. (I read the rumor that Chris Pine was considered for the role and think he would have been a much better choice.) Olivia Wilde gave an excellent performance as the love interest and Beau Garrett supplied a striking, sterile beauty. The visuals were, of course, stunning but their true accomplishment was in maintaining the essence of the original. Daft Punk provided a great score reminiscent of Remote Control Productions. The plot seemed more like a stunning-visuals-delivery-vehicle than in the original film, but the sense of fun kept that from being too big of a problem.

We inadvertently saw the movie in 3D. While the 3D technology has certainly improved (e.g., I didn’t get a headache) I didn’t find that it added much to the film.

I recommend this film to those who enjoyed the first film and those who enjoy stunning visuals and an epic score.


From Whence Came That?
14 December, 2010

My eldest announced this morning, “I had a dream last night involving Donald Trump, a swimming pool, and one very angry koala.”

Scots Pine What Hae?
6 December, 2010

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. So, of course, even the kids have their own, private Christmas trees. Whilst unpacking the Christmas decorations yesterday, my spouse found the kids’ trees and handed them out. As my eldest was walking off, my spouse called, “Did you want the tree skirt?” To which my eldest corrected, “It’s called a tree kilt.”

5 December, 2010

Tangled quite possibly may have saved Disney Animation in its return to the magic of previous decades.

Tangled provides a delightful mix of comedy and drama. While I would not have thought of Zachary Levi for a musical, his voice acting and singing keep up with that of Mandy Moore and Donna Murphy, all of whose performances work very well. The animation is astounding, capturing the look of a painting and hand-drawn cels. As one would expect, the film has several catchy tunes. Even without knowing the story of Rapunzel, the plot would contain no surprises. Yet the delivery is fresh enough to avoid predictability.

If you love the classic Disney animated films, I highly recommend this film.