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Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You
28 March, 2010

Despite being an intensely introverted person, I often find myself arranging the group lunch. A while back I was rounding everyone up and stopped by the office of a collegiate intern.

I announced, “It’s your cruise director, Julie McCoy.”

She laughed, politely but not genuinely.

“You don’t know who I’m talking about, do you?”


It dawned on me that she had literally been born after The Love Boat had gone off the air.

Ouch. I felt like the old guy calling back to when the talkies were new.


Best. Spouse. Ever.
20 March, 2010

Despite having no history with (or specific interest in) D&D, my spouse offered to play if that would help me share it with the kids.

Do I have the best spouse ever or what?

Follow the Four-Color Brick Road
20 March, 2010

Last weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to the Emerald City ComiCon. A great time was had by all.

As always, we made a beeline for Dave Kellett of Sheldon. (Not just at his table but all over the hall it seemed like there were at least twice as many people as the year previous. Perhaps this is why it will expand to three days next year.) Also as always, Dave was incredibly friendly and accommodating. The kids and I had some “unique” requests for sketches that he graciously honored. I continue to be impressed at how accessible Dave makes himself. (Although perhaps seeing us at breakfast the next day was a bit much. I promise it was accidental.) Being a Sheldonista is more than just being a fanboy; the kids feel like they’re a part of a community. As a parent, I find that absolutely wonderful.
Kilted Gramp

Another highlight for me was meeting Wil Wheaton of WWdN: In Exile. We incorrectly gauged how long the line would be to get him to sign my copy of Just a Geek and perhaps take a little snapshot or three. He was performing an Awesome Hour at noon so he had to leave a bit early to get ready and it was a close thing that we got in before the cutoff. Wil, too, was very gracious and we had a brief but passionate discussion of the merits of Oingo Boingo. If I had the time and my D&D chops were better, I would have gladly ponied up the shekels to participate in his dungeon delve.
Wil & Me

The only disappointment of this year was that the Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade were absent. Presumably they have an excuse but I need to see a signed note before I let them back into class.

Ten Minutes
9 March, 2010

On an Adam Carolla podcast Larry Miller advised stopping being angry after ten minutes. He avowed that “after ten minutes, ten hours, ten days, ten weeks, ten months, or ten years, you’ll get over it”.

Last week I received a flame mail from a distant coworker. He had his knickers in a twist about some code that changed six weeks ago. His email was full of gunpowder words and all-caps shouting. This was a case where he should have got over his anger in ten seconds. It took less time to revert the change than it did to compose the angry email.

I can see Miller’s point but, maybe I’m just being a Scot, some things call for a long memory. I’d say that something like, for example, someone trying to choke you to death would qualify for some persistent anger. Most folks, myself included, would probably benefit from increased equanimity. But it seems like it is a continuum and some things ought not be forgot or got over.

Cop Out
1 March, 2010

Cop Out is a Kevin Smith film outside the View Askewniverse and his directorial debut for a film he did not write. Smith stated that he chose to direct the film because he wanted to make the kind of film that his father would have liked to watch and he succeeded.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan play Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, respectively. The casting seemed a bit uneven but Kevin Pollak shines in a supporting role. I enjoyed the playful use of classic cop film tropes and the inclusion of 1980s rap music. (Although I did miss Jay and Silent Bob.) The film contains flashes of Smith’s brand of humor but is quite distinct from his previous work.

Cop Out is a lighthearted action comedy. Fans of Smith’s oeuvre and Eighties buddy cop films will enjoy this film.