Hairy Trigger

The topic of being triggered arose recently on my favorite podcast. Some things that trigger me fall squarely in the category of obvious, like seeing some reality show narcissist sucker punch someone. But other things can be less obvious, albeit no less triggering.

I never lose touch with reality and think that I really am back in one of those situations. But it feels like it on a certain level. Perhaps similar to getting something in your eye and having the feeling persist long after you have cleared the intruder, you intellectually know that it is clear but your body still reacts otherwise. Being triggered also contains the mental components, which are perhaps the most obvious.

After years of work I now at least recognize (or some hypervisor in my brain recognizes) that I have been triggered. Whilst it does not immediately stop the process or resolve the trigger, that recognition stops me from spiraling too far out of control. I have abandoned hope that there will be a time when I am never triggered. But at least it has become more bearable.


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