Thanks to a friend who loaned me his copy on DVD, I finally saw Inception. I have previously written about how much I liked Batman Begins and how much I disliked The Dark Knight so I started the film with some reservations. Much to my surprise, I ended up really liking Inception.

However, one thing quite bothered me: the Sopranos-style evasion of an ending. Perhaps when I was at university I found such “is it or isn’t it?” positions appealing. I vaguely recall late nights spent discussing such things with passion. But it seems like a cheap trick. Since stories have endings, to some refusing to have an ending seems cleverly deconstructive. Rather, it implies the storyteller has run out of ideas, which is a shame since Nolan obviously has plenty of interesting ideas.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t remember now but since you watched it recently: is there music playing at the end of Inception?

    Also, I thought the ending of Sopranos was pretty clear, at least the way the final scene is shot, the viewpoints you see, etc., but maybe that’s just how I wanted to see it.

  2. It doesn’t fade to black like Sopranos but, if memory serves, the song that plays in various guises throughout the film is playing at the end.

    • So that’s where it gets weird: if the music is playing, that is the cue to the dreamers and the audience that it is time for the dreamers to wake up. In the dreams the music is playing more slowly than what we hear when the person who stayed awake starts playing it. So, if the music is playing at normal speed, does that mean that a character in the movie is sleeping?

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