Monumentally Egomaniacal Thieves

You have probably been wondering why I was absent from the protesting about SOPA/PIPA. (Well, you might have been.) The reason is quite simple, something I learned many years ago:

Politicians do not care what you think.

Politicians only care about preserving and increasing their own power. One might make the argument that they care about what the voters think as a means to get elected into power. But that seems unreasonably naive and simplistic. After all, someone who dressed as Tigger got elected.

Those whom I know and I have had interactions with politicians from local to federal. Uniformly our experience has been that they do whatever they were going to do anyway. The most one can get is a smile as they plunge the knife home. Neither party has an advantage in avarice or corruption; they are all just as bad.

Remember what Larry Miller said, “On both sides, large or small, I don’t have any faith left in any city councils, any state legislators, any senators; I think they’re just monumentally egomaniacal thieves.”


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