Internet Plus Fanboy Equals T-Shirt

Larry Miller holds the LMDS RFC T-shirt

Larry Miller holds the LMDS RFC T-shirt

About a year ago I read “THESE ARE COMICS. Rugby players drink half as much, are twice as neat and not nearly as promiscuous.” in a blog entry (a.k.a. “clog”) from Larry Miller. Being somewhat experienced with both, such a bold statement caught my attention. It takes quite a bit to best rugby players in drinking, filthiness (pun intended), or promiscuity.

Of course, I saw an opportunity to get excited and make things. Since Larry had made the crest of the Larry Miller Drinking Society available as digital images, I fired up Acorn and got to work. A few fortnights past I shipped to him his very own Larry Miller Drinking Society Rugby Football Club T-shirt.

I waited (impatiently) but podcast after podcast came and went without a mention. Ten days ago I could stand it no longer and sent an email to the show, asking if Larry liked the T-shirt. A week ago I received a response suggesting I check out that week’s show.

I kept checking every hour until the episode was available for download. Lo and behold, there I was as the boy tenor. (It’s a running gag on the show.) He even uploaded a photo of him holding the T-shirt aloft. I was so happy I squealed like a little schoolboy.

Or at least like a boy tenor.


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  1. Way to go!! Keep getting excited and making things!!

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