Thor brings one of my favorite Marvel superheroes to the modern cinema. It reminded me of Iron Man in all the right kind of ways.

Despite being long for a superhero film, Thor maintains a nice pace. Chris Hemsworth, sporting the Marvel-standard-but-inaccurate blond hair and a disturbing amount of muscle mass, wields his dazzling smile as deftly as Mjölnir. Tom Middleton delivers a remarkable performance as the nominal villain. Among Thor’s sidekicks, Jaimie Alexander catches your eye and refuses to let go. Natalie Portman, who seems to be in every film this year, has a smaller role than the trailers imply. The production design and special effects teams make Earth and Asgard visually distinct. Thor includes the in-jokes and Stan Lee cameo that fans love.

I recommend Thor for anyone who likes the comic book character or Iron Man.


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