Games with Friends

As a Father’s Day gift, my family got me the deluxe edition of Illuminati. I fondly remember playing Illuminati with my cousins. (Could it really have been thirty years ago?!?) Unfortunately, I have not had the time to play yet due to the repercussions of events outside my control. Yet I still really want to play. Whereupon some might suggest that I schlep myself down to the local game store and start a game.

Therein lies the rub. I do not enjoy playing games with those who are not my family and friends. I can enjoy playing sports, which are kinds of games, with strangers, but not games. Role-playing games, board games, card games. You know: games. I assume that part of it is my general mistrust of anyone not in my Circle of Trust. Maybe it is because I know that as a player of games I am revealing myself in my gameplay and I feel uncomfortable revealing myself to strangers. Whatever the reason, I am just uncomfortable gaming with strangers.

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