Schweddy Balls

Wednesdays make for a sweaty ride to work since I do my treadmill, endurance training on those days. I get in the car between forty-five and sixty minutes after I finish on the treadmill and I am still sweating. I know not how much those internal thermometers that one swallows cost but I am curious what my internal temperature is then. On cold mornings my body heat will fog up the driver’s window and the driver’s side of the windscreen. I am probably the only person driving with the windows down when it is 45° F. Well, except perhaps for the smokers…

As far as I can deduce, my high running temperature comes from three factors: 1) a surface-area-to-volume ratio beneficial to heat retention; B) lots of muscle mass that produces heat; and III) a genetic predisposition. Both sides of my family tree hail from the Isles. It is more of an effect than a cause, but copious sweating is also common to both sides of the sweaty tree.

I have the register in my office fully open to maintain a comfortable temperature. Many people offer unsolicited comments on the temperature of my office. The only time I can remember feeling uncontrollably cold was one evening when I was ill. (I assume with the flu.) Even with below-freezing temperatures, I may feel cold in my extremities and exposed areas but not unduly so. My rule of thumb is whatever another person experiences at a given temperature is what I would experience at 15° or 20° F less.

My spouse and kids are very accommodating of my thermal needs. I just wish the rest of the world was, too.


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