Mission. Accomplished.

Partly because I felt that the first part of Keep on the Shadowfell did not present the full D&D experience and partly because I enjoy drawing and populating dungeons, I created a dungeon delve for my little blood-thirsty combatants. I made a point to include several traps as I felt that they had not developed the proper level paranoia when crawling around the battle mat. I think after the thief fell in the pit and both the fighter and wizard walked into the spear gauntlet that they will approach empty squares with more caution. The final battle pitted them against a white dragon. After the trouble the party encountered with Irontooth, I was concerned that it was too tough. This time everyone remembered to use their action points and the fighter’s daily power really jacked up the damage, to the tune of almost 150 points of damage in five rounds. They also learned to search for secret rooms, and then to search the secret room, allowing me to have a little fun rewriting the color text for the magic item. All in all, I count this delve a full success.



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  1. Me too. Thanks.

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