If You Woke Up Today

I saw a car whose owner has a lot to say based on the number of bumper stickers adorning the rear. One of those said something about if you’re not outraged then you’re not paying attention, apparently politically. I can see that way of thinking. The world seems chock full of outrageous injustices and I suspect has been for some time.

But another way of thinking, better to me, is that if you’re outraged by politics then you’re paying attention to the wrong things. What one group of liars does to another group of liars seems pretty low in priority. To borrow from Larry Miller, if you woke up today and none of your kids have leukemia, you shouldn’t be outraged; you should be grateful.


One Response

  1. Hear, hear

    I once heard a saying: the intelligence of the driver of a vehicle is inversely proportional to the number of stickers on the back of the vehicle.

    While perhaps a little insulting and certainly a bit of an over-generalization, it does have a certain funny ring to it.

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