Leap Year

I like rom-coms and enjoyed Amy Adams‘ work in Enchanted and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. (Even though Dangle and Junior got fired from the script.) So I thought I would like Leap Year.

Not so much.

Using John Lithgow‘s dialogue to explain the titular conceit was too on the nose, especially with two voiceovers. But the fundamental problem was the lack of inevitability. I never felt like the two must get together by the end of the film, which stems from the male lead. Casting an Englishman in the role of an Irishman did not help. I understand that sometimes the romantic leads clash when they first meet (NB: When Harry Met Sally) yet I felt like Goode’s character not only clashed with Adams’, but actively hated her.

I can see how the script could have read well. (I wish I could read Billy Mernit‘s coverage.) But I found the film very disappointing.

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