Primate Assistance

Listening to Wil, Gabe, Tycho, and Scott play D&D awakened my inner gamer. After reading some of Wil’s blog entries where he talks about gaming with his son, I wanted to see if my kids would be into it like I was when I was their age. After some googling I found that Wizards of the Coast provide a small game specifically designed to introduce youngsters to D&D. The rules are simple enough that it only takes a single explanation for folks to understand them. But you can definitely see how they were designed to ramp up to 4th edition proper.

The kids were pretty excited before we started playing and took to it like ducks to water. I may have even misted up a bit when I gave them a d20 for the first time. They enjoyed it so much that they insisted on an impromptu game later that day and then another the next day. Now the real fun begins: it’s time to graduate them to Keep on the Shadowfell.

They both took to the game so much that they went off and created their own map and characters. There was a fair amount of powergaming in those characters but I can’t complain when they’re so excited and creative. I love the flavor text for the Daily Power my eldest originated:

Primate Assistance – when it looks like your attack will miss, your faithful monkey companion climbs out of your backpack and nudges your weapon on target – if an attack roll misses, once per day you can reroll the attack.


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