Ten Minutes

On an Adam Carolla podcast Larry Miller advised stopping being angry after ten minutes. He avowed that “after ten minutes, ten hours, ten days, ten weeks, ten months, or ten years, you’ll get over it”.

Last week I received a flame mail from a distant coworker. He had his knickers in a twist about some code that changed six weeks ago. His email was full of gunpowder words and all-caps shouting. This was a case where he should have got over his anger in ten seconds. It took less time to revert the change than it did to compose the angry email.

I can see Miller’s point but, maybe I’m just being a Scot, some things call for a long memory. I’d say that something like, for example, someone trying to choke you to death would qualify for some persistent anger. Most folks, myself included, would probably benefit from increased equanimity. But it seems like it is a continuum and some things ought not be forgot or got over.

One Response

  1. The saying “don’t get mad, get even” comes to mind 🙂

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