Cop Out

Cop Out is a Kevin Smith film outside the View Askewniverse and his directorial debut for a film he did not write. Smith stated that he chose to direct the film because he wanted to make the kind of film that his father would have liked to watch and he succeeded.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan play Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, respectively. The casting seemed a bit uneven but Kevin Pollak shines in a supporting role. I enjoyed the playful use of classic cop film tropes and the inclusion of 1980s rap music. (Although I did miss Jay and Silent Bob.) The film contains flashes of Smith’s brand of humor but is quite distinct from his previous work.

Cop Out is a lighthearted action comedy. Fans of Smith’s oeuvre and Eighties buddy cop films will enjoy this film.


2 Responses

  1. Cool! I have been thinking about seeing this and it sounds like it is pretty good.

    • I liked it. Of course, I like action comedies and Kevin Smith films so it was right in my wheelhouse. It’s not the kind of film that reviews well because it’s more fun than it is about anything. It seemed to me that both the writers and Kevin didn’t take themselves too seriously and I appreciate that. I suspect that reviewers who do take themselves very seriously will probably not get this film. I would say that The Hangover was a funnier film and Zach and Miri was a more Kevin-Smithy film but I feel like I got my money’s worth for a fun, take-your-main-squeeze film.

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