Still Not a Jew

During an appearance on Dinner for Five, Jason Biggs related that many people think he is Jewish. Later in the episode someone (perhaps Kevin Smith) referenced his being Jewish and Biggs dropped the hilarious line “still not a Jew”.

After I laughed at a Telly Savalas lollipop joke on an ep of Two and a Half Men, I wondered how many viewers in the key demo would get the joke since Kojak went off the air thirty years ago. How I got the joke is curious as well. Perhaps it is just my knowledge of pop culture. (For example, I recognize shazbot.) Yet I also have an above-average knowledge of Hollywood history, personalities, and vernacular, probably evidence of a misspent youth. On the plus side hanging out with me is like hanging out in a writer’s room.

In college a girl I dated thought I was Jewish when she first met me. That was neither the first nor the last time someone has mistaken me for a Jew. A vocabulary seasoned with words picked up from comedians, things like kvetch, schmuck, and oy vey, probably contributes to that impression. Well, that and my choice of clarinet as a musical instrument.

It might be a good shtick. But I’m still not a Jew.


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