The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight arrived on a tsunami of hype. Maybe I’m just a contrarian but it failed to pique my interest, despite all that hype. My instincts were correct.

I really like Batman Begins. It is by far my favorite Batman movie. But The Dark Knight recaptured none of that magic for me. I found it about sixty minutes too long. I like action movies, comic books, and Hero System; I’m good with a fair amount of suspension of disbelief. But I found The Dark Knight had unnecessary silliness that took me out of the film. Plot points depend on a technology carried by most people being available in a building almost completely empty and crew ignoring their duties even when their lives are at stake.

Even though I like most of the actors individually, I found none of their performances outstanding. Heath Ledger brought a new, and good, take to the character of the Joker. But I think the ballyhoo about this role derives mostly from his death at a young age.

If you liked Batman Begins, just watch that again and skip The Dark Knight.


2 Responses

  1. I found Dark Knight just flat. Couldn’t draw me in. The characters, the way the film was shot, the music; none of it clicked with me.

    I was just bored in the end. I wonder how many other people feel this way. We seeme to be swamped by all those proclaiming this as an AWESSOME film.

  2. […] to a friend who loaned me his copy on DVD, I finally saw Inception. I have previously written about how much I liked Batman Begins and how much I disliked The Dark Knight so I started the […]

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