Ditch the Satanists

Rachel Manija Brown says, “no book containing Satanists has ever been good”. I certainly have not done an exhaustive catalog of all Satanist-featuring fiction, but my instinct is that her observation is accurate.

But why?

Perhaps it is because Satanists are a cop-out. Rather than showing the baddies to be evil, the author asserts their evilness via their Satanism and relies on the reader to stipulate it. In that regard it could be a failure of the show-don’t-tell mantra.

But Nazis work just fine as baddies, at least for certain generations. The first Indiana Jones film had Nazis; the second had Thuggees. Maybe the Nazis make better villains because their litany of crimes is well-known. (Again, at least for certain generations.)

Storytellers, ditch the Satanists.


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