Writer, Edit Thyself

Yesterday I read two separate blog entries by two separate working writers that were both filled with spelling and grammar errors. I’ll admit that I am as susceptible to error as any. (My long-time reader can produce copious examples of that.)

But it really annoys me to try to read through those kind of errors, especially for errors other than typographical misspellings. For example, one writer repeatedly used “and” instead of “an”. The other would say things like “I stresses prep work”. It seems that a simple proofreading would have caught these errors.

Are there really any writers in Hollywood who care this little about the quality of their writing? Or is it that writing for the web seems somehow less important than writing for print? Are the Sprachlehrepolizei correct about the precipitous erosion of writing skills induced by the interwebs?


One Response

  1. God, you said what I’ve been trying to express for a long time. I’ve been blogging about the errors (and not just the typos) made by the professional writers and editor who work for Yahoo!. The number of egregious errors that appear every day makes me weep for the future of the language. You can see a fraction of the mistakes that I’m able to report at http://terriblywrite.wordpress.com

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