The Hammer

The Hammer is a funny comedy even if you don’t know or like boxing. It tells the story of a man who turns forty and struggles to finally makes something of his life through the vehicle, and metaphor, of boxing.

Adam Carolla makes his big-screen debut in this independent film. Known for his radio and television work, Carolla really nails the role of a quick-tongued, wise-cracking forty-year-old. (Of course, he is a quick-tongued, wise-cracking forty-year-old but that’s not important right now.) His real-life compatriot Oswaldo Castillo turns in a scene-stealing performance even though you can’t understand most of what he says. Heather Juergensen plays the love interest well, bringing a believable sincerity to the role. And for the Joan of Arcadia and Boston Legal fans out there, Constance Zimmer plays the ex-girlfriend.

Kevin Hench crafted a script that showcases Carolla’s lightning delivery, no doubt in part aided by his years of knowing Carolla. Charles Herman-Wurmfeld (probably best known for Kissing Jessica Stein), Marco Fargnoli, and Rich Fox keep the pace moving along well. For a small-budget, independent film, the score contains some well-known names.

Despite its inexplicable R rating, The Hammer is suitable for tweens and above. It provides likable characters and many laugh-out-loud moments. I recommend this film to anyone who likes comedies.


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