Apple Is a Tall Poppy?

John Gruber recently wrote about an idiotic Wired cover story about Apple. I only read Gruber’s analysis, not the article in question, so I shan’t comment on the article directly.

Some years back I was telling my friend who was born in India that I thought Indians had been fully assimilated into American culture. My justification was that I began hearing jokes about Indians from those who like ethnic jokes. Much like with siblings, outlanders are treated with kid-gloves but locals are fair game for abuse.

I have seen the same thing on development teams. When people don’t know the new guy, they err on the side of caution, not kicking the noob while they’re down. Once a mutual respect has been earned and they know the new guy is up to the challenge, the gloves come off and the kidding begins.

It seems that Apple has made a full recovery since folks are now taking potshots at them.


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