The Water Horse

My munchkins wanted to see Alvin and the Chipmunks but, after reading some reviews, I managed to convince them to see The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep instead. This was a good decision.

While similar categories have not always succeeded, I have an “Anything with Brogues” must-see category. The Water Horse was chock full of brogues. For the most part the dialogue was accessible to the American ear, but I did enjoy the Sassonach drop.

The film was very well done. I haven’t read the book on which it’s based, but I liked the fact that the plot wasn’t all sunshine and kisses. Even though some Sassonach were cast as a whole the casting was superb, Brian Cox and Alex Etel in particular. The film was beautifully shot, although I noticed a few color timing problems. The special effects were virtually seamless and never took you out of the film.

It feels strange to quibble about the physics in a movie about the Loch Ness monster, but one action scene in particular stretches physics a wee bit even for a fantasy. Predictability is a good thing in a children’s film and this film keeps to that formula without falling into the saccharine Hollywood ending. I recommend The Water Horse for kids, Loch Ness monster aficionados, and anyone who loves a brogue.


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