Hobbes Is Real

Speaking of Calvin & Hobbes, I am reminded of another of the myriad ways in which I am different from almost everyone else: they seem to think that Hobbes is just a stuffed animal.

I, of course, know that Hobbes is real even though only Calvin can see it; everyone else in the strip is benighted. That this is as self-evident to me as its converse is self-evident to everyone (but one) of whom I’ve posed the question is quite interesting. Perhaps it’s just an indictment of my sanity, but it’s perfectly reasonable to me that there could be an aspect of reality that only one person could perceive.

Why not? Is reality any less real if no one perceives it? If you were surrounded by morons who were too stupid to understand it, would shooting yourself in the head be any less fatal?Of course, if you were the delusional one, your unreality would feel pretty real to you, too. You would be incapable of determining whether you were the only one with understanding or the only one with misunderstanding. Ironic, eh?

But Hobbes is still real.

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