Thy Name Is Mudd

In this article an unnamed knucklehead called Harvey Mudd the #14 ugliest campus in the United States. I suspect said knucklehead is a jealous CMC  alumnus given the ratings of Pitzer as the #10 ugliest and Scripps as the #9 most beautiful. (Still trying to flatter the Scrippsies…) 

The author admits to having seen Pitzer through videos on the web. Such does a disservice to the ladies of Pitzer who are quite fetching. (To be fair, I am somewhat partial to tie-dye and Birkenstock‘s.) Which is not to say that the ladies of Harvey Mudd do not beautify their own campus, but they tend to be known more for their intelligence than comeliness. 

For full disclosure I must mention that, even though I didn’t graduate from HMC and didn’t really belong there, I still remember it quite fondly. I liken it to Pat Conroy‘s relationship to The Citadel as I understand it from The Lords of Discipline in that I met some good people in a difficult and ill-fitting place. My spouse referred to it as a foreigner in a foreign land and I think that perfectly captures the essence of my time at Mudd. It’s hard to think of how I could have possibly been admitted, let alone graduated, from Mudd given what the years have taught me about my talents. 

That said, I must beg to differ with the assessment of Mudd’s campus as ugly. For example, the Hixon fountain is quite beautiful and who can overlook the almost-octagonal dorm and cannon? The buildings may have a few wartsbut ugly? I think not.


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