The Shiner

While Christmas shopping the other day my cashier was a cute, red-haired lass … with a massive black eye. You don’t really expect a shiner in the service industry. Maybe at Team Quest, but not at a consumer electronics store.

Not only is it unexpected, but it’s kind of awkward, too. As brawling is more of a male pastime, a gal with a shiner is more likely to be punched than to do the punching. So you’re concerned that she might be the victim of domestic abuse.

On the other hand, her business isn’t really my business. She didn’t whisper a plea for help, slide me a note with the receipt saying she was being held against her will, or even try to communicate only with crazy eyebrows so her captors wouldn’t see. If anything, she seemed like she didn’t want to talk about the black eye.

In the end, I said nothing about the eye. I thought it was the appropriate, polite approach. But maybe I was wrong. I don’t know.


One Response

  1. I feel ya — that’s a tough call and I definitely could see having that feeling of needing to make the split second decision to either be super friendly/casual and ask what happened, or awkwardly ignore the elephant in the room.

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