Drag, Drop, Dig

Safari 3 introduces tabbed browsing to Safari. I’ve played with tabbed browsing off and on with Firefox for a couple of years. My approach to tabbed browsing versus windowed browsing is still immature. I tend to use tabbed browsing when drilling into a highly-linked subject. (cough) Wikipedia (cough) I tend to use windowed browsing for separate subjects, such as Tcl man pages contrasted with Google searches on debugging make files.

This morning I was drilling into the successors of the Cannonball Run and I wanted to reorder the tabs. As far as I can tell reordering the tabs is not possible in Firefox but, since Safari is an Apple product, I tried dragging the tab to the end. It just worked!

That attention to detail is one of the reasons I’m a big fan of Apple products.

2 Responses

  1. Um… we’ve been able to drag tabs to reorder them in Firefox for quite some time now — since version 1.5, I think… so it’s been two years.

  2. Reordering in Firefox by dragging and dropping works on Winders but not on Linux, specifically Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. It says that the version of Firefox is 1.0.3, so perhaps the version installed by default with RHEL4 is too old.

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