It’s Politeness, not Fitness

This morning I got to the exterior door to the building at the same time as a female coworker. Having been raised by Southerners, I held the door and let her go first. We both work on the fourth floor. I take the stairs, not because I feel I ought but because I can. She elected to use the stairs as well.

The interesting thing about stairs is that the standard riser height combined with the standard interpersonal distance places the trailing person about three feet behind and three feet below the leading person. In other words, eyes at ass-level.

Because of this, I leave extra distance between myself and anyone that I think might be uncomfortable with the notion of my eyes directly behind their ass. This is not to say that I would or would not look at said coworker’s ass, merely that it’s a courtesy I extend to those as might appreciate it. Since she was climbing the stairs more slowly than I normally hit the stairs, I had to dawdle a bit to keep my interval.

As we reached the fourth floor, she opened and held the door. I thought she was trying to return the favor from the first floor. That is, until she exhorted, “You can do it!”.

Sorry, sweet cheeks. It’s not that I’m too unfit to climb the stairs any faster. It’s that I’m polite enough to not bury my nose between your ass cheeks on the way up.


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  1. Get it, sweet cheeks!!

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