The Bee Movie

Yesterday we went to see The Bee Movie. My reaction? Meh. It wasn’t a bad movie, but neither was it especially good. The animation was good with the cloth textures being outstanding. The voice acting was okay. Patrick Warburton’s performance was too over-the-top for my taste and I don’t know why Renée Zellweger was cast other than the name on the marquee. I found the switching between realistic and cartoonish physics confusing. I think A Bug’s Life worked better by sticking to realism.

Overall there was nothing blatantly wrong with the film but it just felt a little sloppy and loose. Emblematic of the looseness of the entire film is some dialogue about piloting an airliner that went something like this:

BARRY: Doesn't John Travlota fly?
BARRY: Then how hard can it be.

The first line was the joke. The other two lines of dialogue are unnecessary and throw off the pace of the scene. But since we laughed at the first line and the row behind us laughed at the third line, maybe the film was tuned for the lowest common denominator. Perhaps it will do well at the box office then. Yet it certainly won’t challenge Pixar.


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