400% Confused

While at dinner last night, I saw a father wearing a T-shirt with the following inscription silk-screened on the back:

100% .......... Teamwork
100% .......... Attitude
100% .......... Committed
100% .......... Sherwood Soccer

From my playing days I am familiar with the kinds of inspirational slogans of which coaches are quite fond. When exhorting us to give “110%” effort yielded insufficient results, my high school football coach promptly switched to “120%”.

So, even though it seems that fourth comprises the first three and hence the first three ought to sum to 100%, not 300%, I will let that slide. What really bothers me is the heterogeneity of the parts of speech: teamwork, noun; attitude, noun; committed, adjective; Sherwood Soccer, noun. Commitment is the noun form and certainly not unknown to either the general populace or coaches. No T-shirt I copy-edited would have that flaw.

I guess that’s why I don’t coach soccer.


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