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A is for Accent I can do most of the common accents on English, but my drunken Scot and old Jew are staples.
B is for Breakfast Item On weekdays, granola and yogurt mixed in equal parts with a sliced banana on top. On weekends, hot and protein-filled.
C is for Chore You Hate I hate all chores except dishes and laundry.
D is for Dad's Name He went by “Dick” even though it meant back then what it means now.
E is for Essential Everyday Item PowerBook G4 12-inch and Bowflex XTL.
F is for Favourite Ice Cream Tillamook Mudslide.
G is for Gold or Silver Silver.
H is for Hometown Although I grew up in a plane of Hell, I consider my current town my hometown.
I is for Insomnia Infrequently but too often for my tastes.
J is for Job Title Software Jedi.
K is for Kids I have the best.
L is for Living Arrangements House on two acres.
M is for Mom's Birthplace That plane of Hell.
N is for Number of Significant Others You've Ever Had I've never added it up but a handful.
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays Other than from being born, just the night after the wreck that killed my dad.
P is for Phobia Spiders.
Q is for Queer There really are no convenient terms to describe me, are there?
R is for Religion Of the world's major religions, Hinduism makes the most sense to me. Of everything, Unitarian Universalist is probably the closest fit. But twenty years spent deep inside fundamentalist Christianity has left me with a strong antipathy for all religions.
S is for Siblings Sissy is pretty cool.
T is for Time You Wake Up 0500 on workdays, whenever the first little one, two- or four-legged, does on the others.
U is for Unnatural Hair Colours You've Worn I don't have enough hair to colour.
V is for Vegetable You Refuse to Eat Peas.
W is for Worst Habit Beating myself up.
X is for X-rays You've Had One for my broken arm and innumerable of my teeth.
Y is for Yummy In-N-Out, sushi, birthday cake, and chocolate truffles.
Z is for Zodiac Sign Earth Monkey.

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