Alec Baldwin Chokes

One of the nice things about TiVo is the ability to fast-forward through the boring parts. Nota bene, Saturday Night Live. As a weekly, live, sketch comedy show, not every skit will be that funny. So instead of skipping to whole show to avoid the unfunny parts, I can now just skip past them.

Last Saturday's host was Alec Baldwin and one of the skits was a scene from Glengarry Glen Ross redone as Santa's elves. The humor of the skit derived from recasting the hard-charging real estate scam salesmen as good-hearted elves. The problem was you only got it if you had seen and remembered the same scene from Glengarry Glen Ross. Otherwise (case in point, my spouse) it just was not that funny.

The funniest moment in the skit was when Baldwin flubbed his line. The line was “Always Be Cobbling” but he mistakenly said the original, David Mamet line “Always Be Closing” twice before getting it right. The other actors struggled not break character in laughter.


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