This Message Brought to You by Carlos Mencia

All of the lots, including ours, in the area were once part of a single, family farm. Over the years, the farm was parceled out to the children and their children. The matriarch still lived in her home on two acres. A few months ago she decided that, given her age and health, it would be best for her to move into an assisted-living home. The rest of the family wanted to keep the property in the family (even though they ignored all suggestions as to how to accomplish it) but sold the property to people who said they would remodel the house and sell it.

The morons…No. That is too weak. The dumb shits that bought the property are cutting down every tree, including the sequoias! They reason that the next buyer might want a pasture for animals. Might. Yes, and the next buyer might also want two acres of forest, you slack-witted turds. Dee-dee-dee! Just like with circumcision, it is easy to cut but impossible to uncut.

It is my understanding that lenders do not take kindly to logging the property for which one just borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars since the lumber is part of the value of the property. Nonetheless, the neighbors, people affected by the logging in the short- and long-term, do not take kindly to the logging either.

A message to the clear-cutters: Do all of your logging, remodeling, and selling through agents because some neighbors (and, no, not just me) want a word with you and I can make no assurances that it shall not get ugly.


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