Look Out Below

Our house is on a 10% grade. Accordingly, only one side's windows are at the regular height above grade. The other windows are up to six feet or more above grade.

We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback who, like most Rhodies, considers everything he can see to be his territory. If anything, even a cat, even a mole, comes on his land he barks and chases them off if given the chance.

Since the master bedroom has a bunch of large windows, it is effectively a greenhouse. To keep the temperature comfortable and enjoy autumn, we had its windows open.

Normally the windows are closed so he has become accustomed to standing with his front paws on the window while he barks at the intruders. When the deer appeared outside the window today, he charged at them, barking, and stood on the window.

Except there was no window, just screen.

Whee! A 120-lb. brown torpedo flew out the window at the deer. We are not sure who was more surprised: him, us, or the deer.

Interestingly, deer can run really fast when a large predator with big, pointy fangs is chasing them.


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