I have recently been watching Miami Ink. I have no tattoos and, to be honest, can not envision a scenario where I would get a tattoo. You see, I can think of nothing that I want permanently emblazoned on me. Yet I am fascinated by the stories presented on the show.

At least as depicted by the show, every tattoo has a story. Since that shop does custom work, it does not appear that they have drunken frat boys coming in to get Greek letters tattooed on their buttocks. Rather most of the clientele have a very personal motivation behind each custom piece. No small amount of the tattoos are for loved ones who have died. Whatever the reason, to date each of the shows have been fascinating.

One of the best parts about the shop? You guessed: Apple-centric. A 12″ PowerBook G4 provides the computing and an iPod provides the tunes.

P.S. Ami no longer competes in the combat arts because he makes his living with his hands, an abstinence from contact that I share for the same reason.

P.P.S. Also, Nunez' hot sister lives in Oregon. Go Ducks!


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