From the Department of the Unobvious

I use Apple's Backup to backup my PowerBook. For some reason, it kept choking on the latest backup while writing the master disc. (It kept complaining that the media was bad even though it would gleefully burn to the very same disc for anything other than the master.)

One unfortunate side-effect of this was that it left an 8 GB turd on my startup disk. Yet there was no listing in Finder of the turd. I resorted into dipping into the shell. A few finds later and I identified the turd as a folder named something like Backup* in /tmp which is a symbolic link to /private/tmp.

Since the turd was in /tmp and Mac OS X is a UNIX, the turd should be removed the next time the OS boots up.

But this is a Mac!

Macs do not need frequent rebooting like some other operating systems. It can be months between reboots for my PowerBook.

I definitely consider this a bug in Backup. If I have to cancel a backup for any reason, including but not limited to bugs in Backup, it should clean up after itself.


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