Wrinkled Knickers

The responses to my issue with proselytizing, both online and off-, can be divided into two groups: those from Christians and those from non-Christians. Unanimously the Christians feel that it is approriate to try to convert the non-Christians and the non-Christians feel that it is not.

From the commentary it appears that the Christians believe they quite literally have a God-given right to convert the non-Christians, whatever it takes. The Christians do not appear, however, to believe that the non-Christians have a right to choose their beliefs or have that choice respected. Nothing at all implied that the Christians are trying to offend or impose. Rather, I believe that all of the Christians from whom I heard feel in their hearts that they are doing a good thing, a holy thing, by trying to convert others. It is just that the others' opinions on that subject are irrelevant.

There was also nothing at all that implied that the Christians are willing to consider any alternative or have a dialogue about this. It appears that this is, again quite literally, an item of faith. As such, it is not open to discussion.

I will admit it: I am an optimist and a libertarian. I believe in religious freedom, not just religious tolerance. As I respect others' choices on such important issues as religion and politics, I expect others to respect mine. This apparently unreconcilable chasm between Christians and non-Christians saddens me. In fact, I disabled comments on this entry because I feared the flame war it might ignite.



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