The Alphabet Meme

From by way of :

A- Age of 1st kiss: I was five when I had my first kiss. She was in her twenties. 😉

B- Band you are listening to right now: Dream Theater.

C- 1st Crush: Kristina Goddard, first grade. In an indication of things to come, I first started crushing on her after she beat me in a foot-race during recess. I have had a weakness for tall Amazons ever since.

D- Dad's name: His given name was Richard but he went by Dick. My mom says that even back then “dick” was a term for a penis. Given his personality, I bet he enjoyed the opportunity for double entendre.

E- Easiest person to talk to: Any of my closest friends. Depending on the subject, one may be easier than another. But overall they are equal.

F- Favorite ice cream: Tillamook Mudslide. (drool)

G- Gummy worms or gummy bear?: Gummy bears although it does feel cannibalistic eating them. I actually prefer gummy frogs.

H- Hometown: While I served a decades-long sentence in Hell, I consider Hillsboro my hometown. It is so not my fault that the stork took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and it took me years to escape.

I- Instruments: Musical? I started with the piano at around age nine, moved to clarinet at eleven, switched to guitar in college, and finally accepted that I have absolutely no musical talent at all. I can, however, carry a tune vocally ('tis the Irish genes from my father's side) but belong in a choir at best.

J- Junior high: My mother was vice principal at my junior high. Need I say more?

K- Kids: I have the two best kids in the world. But two is plenty; I think another would kill me.

L- Longest car ride ever: The vacation trip on which my dad died.

M- Mom's name: Billie. My grandfather really wanted a boy. Sigh.

N- Nicknames: In bytespace, Sarge.

O- One wish: That my dad was still alive.

P- Phobia[s]: Spiders.

Q- Quote: “It's not your job to make things turn out the right way; it's your job to make the way things turn out right.” — Me

R- Reason(s) to smile: I am nowhere near as nuts as I once was.

S- Song you sang last: The ABC Song (I am working on the alphabet with my youngest.)

T- Time you woke up today: 0400, 0500, 0600, and 0630.

U- Unknown fact about me: I appeared in two episodes of a television show.

V- Virgin: I am still not sure what records and airplanes have to do with each other but Branson is bonkers.

W- Worst habit: Worry.

X- How many X-rays you've had: A couple when I broke my arm and cracked my teeth and a couple more for the braces.

Y- Your least favorite person as of right now: At the moment the former manager who is a pathological liar and has made life miserable for several of my friends leads the pack. But the rest of them know who they are.

Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini and Earth Monkey.


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