Throwing good Karma after bad

I “got” to be visited by my mother, her husband, my sister, and my nieces this week. Such visits are always quite stressful but never fail to provide jaw-dropping gems of behaviors. One that never fails to astound us is how they deride “those Mexicans” with my nieces, whose father is of Mexican ancestry, right next to them.

Sadly my maternal grandmother's brother died last week, the victim of a botched “simple” heart surgery. Since Christi doesn't know many of the extended relations in that side of the family, my mom took the liberty to explain to her the different people involved in the goings-on. A cousin of my mother's was singled out as being “a convenience Christian” because he tells everyone that he's a Christian but doesn't act like one.

Not much later my mother receives a call from my grandmother that my mother's next-door neighbor's house was engulfed in flames. This neighbor is a rather inconsiderate fellow, frequently ignoring both polite behavior and city ordnances regarding such trivialities as disturbing the peace, storage of toxic chemicals, and parking of derelict vehicles. I doubt anyone would call this guy a “good” neighbor.

But my mother cackled with glee. Cackled. This guy certainly needs to change his behavior and could stand to be a better neighbor. But I doubt that losing his home and all his belongings was merited by his previous misdeeds. That just doesn't seem right.

But to enjoy his misfortune? Not just feel that he deserved the misfortune, but actually enjoy it.

For the sake of harmony I did not ask, “What would Jesus do?” I somehow doubt Jesus would cackle with glee.

Good thing Mom isn't one of those “convenience Christians”.


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