The question arose last night: does the word “vigilante” have good connotations or not? My spouse says no; I say yes.

For me “vigilante” is associated with The Punisher. Yes, the Rule of Law does not brook citizens taking matters into their own hands. However, sometimes the bad guys suffer from a lead deficiency that the authorities can not address. As I have mentioned before, to me doing what is right is more important than doing what is legal. If the two contradict, one must do what one must, taking full responsibility for the consequences.

For my spouse “vigilante” is associated with a reckless scofflaw little better than a common thug and the Rule of Law is the only thing standing between us and savages. My spouse wondered if the different interpretations were correlated to gender.

So I put this to you my small but loyal (dare I say “elite”?) readership: what connotations does “vigilante” have for you?


One Response

  1. I became a quasi-vigilante after a man in my own neighborhood (he didnt live there he was just masturbating while leaning against a car) harassed me sexually and the police barely did a thing. Now I ride subways and walk streets with my eyes peeled and my fists ready to grab pepperspray or just punch and kick if there are creeps in need of a lesson. I call myself the virgin vigilante.

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