Apple Rocks!

Last weekend I bought an album from the iTunes Music Store. So I could listen to my new music on the way to work I tried to burn a CD of the album. When I came back a bit later, there was the crash dialog; iTunes had dumped core. I tried burning again with the same results. I tried just listening with the same result. What the…?

A little bit of experimentation showed that it was track one. At 3:02 there was a suspicious skip in the middle of the audio; at 3:40 iTunes dies. I must say that I think it is a bug that some specific content can make iTunes dump core. But these things happens. So I submit a help request via the web.

The next day I get a response telling me that Apple has authorized me to download that track again. I do…and it still crashes iTunes. I send another email detailing the lack of success. Today I get an email from Apple saying that they have credited my account for the whole album!

Apple rocks.


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